Msheireb Museums brings educational leaders together to celebrate International Museums Day 2017

Msheireb Museums, an integral aspect of Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD), and a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation, celebrated International Museums Day 2017 with an interactive forum that brought educators together to drive the cultural development of Qatar.

Hosted at Bin Jelmood House, located at MDD’s Heritage Quarter, the forum invited students, academics, cultural leaders and media to commemorate this global event, whose theme this year was ‘Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums’. This theme highlights the importance of museums in society as they work to promote peaceful relationships between people, and present contested history, which is the first step in envisioning a shared future.

The interactive day brought to light a new peer-led volunteer programme, which Mshiereb Museums has implemented with the help of academic and educational institutions and youth centres. Entitled ‘Msheireb Museums Friends’, this mutually-beneficial volunteer programme empowers teachers and educational leaders to become tour guides in the museums and enhance their skills to lead student tours. The program will also enable students to enhance their leadership skills while introducing the community to the country’s rich culture.

Following the presentation, a panel discussion and workshop took place, enabling participants to discuss ways in which museums and educational institutions can work together to support their curriculum and bridge the gap presented by language and culture.

Commenting on the celebration of International Museums Day and the launch of Msheireb Museums Friends, Hafiz Ali, Director of Msheireb Museums, said: “It is a great pleasure support International Museums Day. Events such as these enable us to recognise the important role that museums play in society.”

Mr. Hafiz continued: “Msheireb Museums Friends, our new initiative, which was under discussion at today’s event, is a pioneering new programme which challenges the conventional approach to cultural education and enables us to create a knowledge ecosystem that delivers cultural, societal and educational wealth.”

Established to create cultural ambassadors, Msheireb Museums Friends will train a number of teachers and leaders from a wide range of educational, youth associations along with students, helping to develop their leadership skills and get the most out of the historic cultural houses.

Msheireb Museums mark a very significant milestone for Msheireb Properties in realising the vision of Msheireb Downtown Doha, Qatar’s first sustainable regeneration project. The Museums celebrate the history of four historic heritage houses in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha.

Located within the oldest part of the capital, they form an important part of Qatar’s national history. These reconstructed buildings and gallery spaces allow the community to engage in the significant aspects of Qatar’s past and memories of life before the country’s rapid economic development.

International Museum Day has been acknowledged on May 18 since 1977, with more than 35,000 museums participating in 2016 across 145 countries. The objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness of the fact that museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.

Msheireb Properties and Qatar Development Bank partner to open investment opportunities and empower local SMEs and entrepreneurs

Msheireb Properties Offers Great Opportunity To Develop Commercial Business In The Historic Al Kahraba Street At Its Flagship Project Msheireb Downtown Doha

Msheireb Properties, developers of Msheireb Downtown Doha and a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation, have signed a partnership agreement with Qatar Development Bank (QDB) to offer an exciting business opportunity to local investors and SMEs.

This unique endeavor reflects Msheireb Properties aim to diversify all fields of Qatar’s economy. The agreement will provide a great investing opportunity to startups and small and medium businesses looking for a vibrant downtown venue to bring their project to life. The project which includes an innovative concept café with accompanying retail store will have a focus on Qatari culture showcasing flavours that are synonymous with Qatar.

According to this agreement, Msheireb Properties will provide the selected business with a prime retail space located at the city’s historical Al Kahraba Street within their landmark project, Msheireb Downtown Doha, an exciting new mixed use development that will regenerate the city’s commercial centre.

While QDB will appoint the best café operator and owner, and provide financial help and business counselling services to ensure the new enterprise grows and prospers.
Speaking of the venture, Mr. Abdulla Hassan Al Mehshadi, Chief Executive Officer at Msheireb Properties, said, “We are extremely pleased to work with Qatar Development Bank to bring this opportunity to life in Qatar. Our work supports Qatar’s National Vision 2030, which seeks to progress the country’s economic and human development. We aim to guide the energies of our youth towards entrepreneurship and the development of projects by overcoming obstacles and providing them with means that help motivate them to innovate and encourage them to do business.”

Commenting on this business opportunity, Mr. Abdulaziz Nasser Al-Khalifa Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Development Bank, said: “We are delighted that leading organisations such as Msheireb Properties recognise the need to provide support to Qatar’s SMEs. Our vision is to stimulate a vibrant and robust private sector by empowering Qatari entrepreneurs and innovators to grow enterprises that help diversify the country’s economy. Together with Msheireb Properties we are providing a vital springboard for growth at a time when they country’s own ambitions are also progressing.”

Msheireb Downtown Doha will be home to a diverse retail mix, offering an array of bespoke mall, high street shopping and picturesque boutiques surrounded by street entertainment and live performance areas. This 31-hectare mixed use development situated in the heart of the city will set a new retail benchmark offering visitors access to art and culture, entertainment, and exciting new dining offering to become Qatar’s ultimate must visit destination.

Businesses who wish to take part in the selection process will be expected to deliver a full brand identity for a Qatari Concept Café and retail shop, and ensure that they have an innovative offer that focuses on local culture. Application deliverables include a description of the business plan, food and service concept presentation with a sample menu, and details of the operator’s background and experience.

Operators wishing to take part must submit their proposals to [email protected]. For more information call 443 000 000.

Msheireb Properties Announces its New Urban Plan to Develop the Middle East’s First ‘Luxeclusive’ Resort in Qatar

Zulal Wellness Resort And Family Wellness Resort Paves The Way For The Country’s Tourism Initiatives

Msheireb Properties, a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, has announced its new urban plan to develop and build a new landmark wellbeing destination in Qatar – Zulal Wellness Resort.

Msheireb Properties has recently revealed the details of this project, stating that Zulal Wellness Resort will bring health wisdom from across the world together with traditional Arabic and Islamic wellness principles. This ‘luxeclusive’ concept delivers global luxury standards while preserving traditional family values to ensure every visitor’s needs are addressed.
Strengthening Msheireb Properties’ development portfolio, Zulal Wellness Resort brings to fruition the developer’s ambitions to bring the world’s finest resorts and residential developments to Qatar, supporting the development projects landscape in Qatar.

Eng. Abdulla Hassan Al Mehshadi, Chief Executive Officer at Msheireb Properties, said, “Set to be the country’s largest spa and wellness center, and the Middle East’s first wellness destination resort, we believe that our new venture will bring the world’s attention to Qatar and will be a tourism transformation driver

He added: “Zulal Wellness Resort will be a calm haven for international visitors where they can enjoy health and wellness experiences which bring a true taste of the region. While strengthening our development portfolio, our latest project also brings vital investment to the country, enabling Qatar to grow its tourism sector.”
Eng. Antoine Georges Saade, Executive General Manager, from Al Sraiya Trading and Contracting the main contractor of the project said: “We are honored to collaborate with Msheireb Properties as the main contractor to execute one of the most important and leading urban projects in Qatar and the region.

Saade continued: “The new resort is distinguished with its sustainable design and features, and will be a milestone development in the Al Shamal area. At the same time, Zulal Wellness Resort is an added value to our portfolio of projects. Al Sariya Trading and Contracting Company will closely work with Msheireb Properties to deliver a project which will be an iconic resort in the region”.

Set over 28 hectares meters in a private coastal area known as Khasooma, on the northern tip of Qatar, Zulal Wellness Resort is located 120 kilometers from Doha. Providing guests with a remote getaway retreat, Zulal Wellness Resort offers 60 rooms while its adjacent Family Wellness Resort boasts 120 spacious rooms with shared facilities that can be accessed by both venues.
Adults can access a wide range of therapeutic and lifestyle enhancement regimen based upon traditional Arabic and Islamic wellness principles through Zulal Wellness Resort. While Zulal Family Wellness Resort enables families to enjoy positive wellbeing experiences together: the resort’s carefully-crafted daily activity program enables health and fitness to become a family agenda that is incorporated into their everyday lives.

At the heart of Zulal Wellness Resort’s therapeutic and lifestyle enhancement regimens are a finely prescribed approach to medicine based upon Hakim Ibn Sina’s philosophy of health and longevity. Utilising herbs and ingredients which are indigenous to Qatar and the region, Zulal Wellness Resort will be the first wellness destination the region to bring focus to Islamic culture and values, and give international visitors a truly Middle-Eastern experience.

Aligned with the country’s health education initiatives that all family development entities are working to accomplish, Zulal Family Wellness Resort is a playful, interactive center which nurtures family health, helping children to adopt a healthy lifestyle through positive experiences. Combining family activities, along with individual classes for parents and children, Zulal Family Wellness Resort keeps families together during their health journey.

Set to follow the architectural language developed for the flagship project, Msheireb Downtown Doha, this ambitious new wellness resort will also utilize local sustainable materials and adopt new technological advancements to help the development achieve gold LEED status.