Msheireb Properties wins big at 2017 Qatar Sustainability Awards

Diwan Annex Building And Cultural Forum Awarded For Exceptional Standards In Sustainable Practices

Doha, Qatar, 30th October 2017: Msheireb Properties, Qatar’s leading sustainable developer and a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation for Education, Sciences and Community Development, bagged two coveted awards at the 2017 Qatar Sustainability Awards, held on 29th October.

Msheireb Properties’ flagship project, Msheireb Downtown Doha, was recognised for the exceptional standard of sustainability practices across Diwan Annex Building, which won for ‘Green Government Building,’ and Cultural Forum in the category of ‘Green Commercial Building.’

Qatar Sustainability Awards recognise the efforts, commitment, and contributions of individuals, institutions and organisations in furthering sustainable development and environmental protection in Qatar and beyond.

Mr. Abdulla Hassan Al-Mehshadi, CEO, Msheireb Properties, said: “Msheireb Properties is honoured to receive two awards this year, at the highly anticipated and respected Qatar Sustainability Awards. This reflects our unyielding commitment to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. It also serves as a major win for our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly toward achieving the highest standard of sustainable practices, across all buildings and facilities in our projects.”

“Msheireb Downtown Doha is the first truly sustainable regeneration project from its inception and all our buildings ensure optimal consumption of water and energy. Through adopting the highest standards of sustainability practices, we hope to pave the way for other developers to follow suit and adhere to measures set by the Qatar Green Building Council. It is our goal to help Qatar realise its National Vision 2030, by taking great strides in sustainability practices within the real estate sector,” added Mr. Al-Mehshadi.

The two Msheireb Downtown Doha facilities were lauded for their use of non-potable water, considerable energy and water saving, rainwater recovery and on-site renewable energy generation. Some of the features include energy efficient building design with recessed windows, energy recovery of outside air entering the building, optimised ventilation using carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors, and a high efficiency district cooling plant.

Sustainability is central to Msheireb Downtown Doha’s conservation of natural resources and quality of design. The building designs include thicker walls and orientation, which enables them to benefit from the shade of adjacent buildings, provides natural cooling and reduces the need for air-conditioning. Furthermore, the adoption of the latest, cutting-edge technology enables Msheireb Properties to produce renewable energy, monitor electricity use, and make the most efficient use of water, all of which translate to reduced emissions, energy and water usage, and waste production.


QGBC and sponsors announce Qatar Sustainablility Week 2017

Held Under The Patronage Of His Excellency The Prime Minister And Minister Of Interior Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), held a press conference on Tuesday at Msheireb Museum announcing the second edition of Qatar Sustainability Week (QSW), held under the patronage of his Excellency the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani, which will be taking place from 28 October to 4 November.

QSW is an initiative by QGBC and aims to actively engage Qatari public and private sector organizations in a wide range of sustainability-oriented activities. QSW aims to foster a culture of sustainability amongst residents and visitors, as well as promote engagement from members of the community. This is in line with ultimately achieving the global sustainability goals outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Contributing to the organization of Qatar Sustainability Week this year are Msheireb Properties as Platinum Sponsor, Arab Engineering Bureau as Conference Sponsor, Tadmur Holding as Awards Sponsor, Atelier 101 as Technology Sponsor, Intelligence Qatar as Knowledge Sponsor and Frame Qatar, Report Sponsor.

Engineer Meshal Al Shamari, QGBC Director, said: “With less than a week to go, we’re excited about the second edition of QSW and look forward to welcoming a wide range of stakeholders showcasing their activities that contribute towards our nation’s environmental protection and sustainable development goals. We’re honored to have our esteemed sponsors join us at this press conference; we anticipate a very successful week filled with events and it is not too late for organizations to register their planned activities with QGBC.”

Mr. Abdulla Hassan Al Mehshadi, Chief Executive Officer at Msheireb Properties said: “Incorporating sustainability and green building practices within new developments is now an integral part of all future urban planning. Green Buildings act as long-term environmental solutions, helping to reduce the negative impact of society on our planet and excessive consumption of energy resources. This is achieved through utilising renewable resources efficiently and through smart technologies.”

Al Mehshadi continues; “At our flagship project Msheireb Downtown Doha, Msheireb Properties adopted the highest standards of green and sustainable buildings from its inception, along with advanced technologies that aim to save energy and water; two key elements identified as contributors towards global warming. These standards have enabled Msheireb Downtown Doha to achieve the world’s largest number of LEED accreditation buildings in energy efficiency and environment. Our participation in the annual Qatar Green Building Council Conference this year and our platinum sponsorship to Qatar Sustainability Week’s activations and events, reflect our ongoing commitment to enforcing industry standards, by encouraging their adoption across Qatar’s flourishing construction pipeline. Achieving this will lead to a collaborative approach to achieving Qatar’s National Vision 2030 environmental pillar and most importantly, to create a better living experience for Qatar’s future generations.”

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Tadmur Holding CEO, Dafer Hallawa, said: “We are proud to partner with QGBC on 2017 Qatar Sustainability Week and present Evergreen, our LEED Gold certified building in Lusail as a testimony of Tadmur Holding’s commitment to establish a benchmark on sustainable practices in the construction industry aligned with Qatar National Vision of 2030. We firmly stand for taking a leap on sustainable actions today as the best legacy for future generations. As a pioneer of green practices in the private sector in Qatar, it is an honor for us to sponsor the Sustainability Awards Ceremony along with QGBC to reward and encourage local companies to join these endeavors.”

Managing Partner at Atelier 101, Charles Vincent, commented on their participation as technology sponsor saying: “The world is driven by change enabling new opportunities and new challenges. As we believe in innovation, A101 brings the benefits of technology to businesses of all sizes that wish to perform and operate in a more efficient and sustainable way; embracing transformation and servicing a better tomorrow.”
Tracey Kohinga, Managing Director of Intelligence Qatar commented on the occasion saying: “Intelligence Qatar is proud to be the knowledge sponsor of Qatar Sustainability Week 2017 and the Green Building Conference. By better understanding attitudes and perceptions towards sustainability, we can develop effective strategies to achieve greater sustainability in all aspects of our life which is critical to our success, both individually and as a nation.”
Elaborating on their collaboration for Qatar Sustainability week, Asterios Chalkias, Strategic Planning Director at Frame Communications said, “Frame believes in sustainable and practical living. So, when we were approached by the organisers, we were keen to take up their request to design the QSW report. The designs that we have produced for the initiative reflect both QSW’s and Frame’s commitment to the community we live and work in. We are proud to be associated with an event that not only promotes green, sustainable lifestyles, but also enhances the growth and development of Qatar in a way that preserves the country’s natural resources and energy reserves for the coming generations.”

The week-long event is set to host a number of activities including a bridge building competition, a photography competition, a beach and desert cleanup as well as the renowned Qatar Green Building Conference and Qatar Sustainability Awards.

To join or register for Qatar Sustainability Week 2017 please visit the QGBC website at this link:


Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Opens New Exhibition ‘A Journey to the Heart of Life’

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Msheireb Properties, officially inaugurated a new permanent exhibition titled ‘A Journey to the Heart of Life’, located at Bin Jelmood House at Msheireb Museums.

In line with Her Highness’s vision, the exhibition is a collaboration between Msheireb Museums and biomedical research institutions including Qatar Genome Programme, Qatar Biobank, Sidra Medical Research Center and Weill Cornell Medical College.

The exhibition focuses on DNA and includes six sections that give visitors an opportunity to explore genetic inheritance and prehistoric human migrations. It aims to further guests’ understanding of the advances in modern medicine and genomics, and its capacity to help with early detection of disease, as well as creation of personalised medicine.

Visitors use interactive and audiovisual displays to understand how leveraging genetics, genomics, and observations from the past, can uncover Qatar’s rich cultural and historic heritage.
The exhibition looks at the process of understanding genetics and genomics, and how that is reflected in the history of humanity. It tells a story of migration and integration across the earth, revealing the scientific underpinnings of our common humanity by advances in genetic research, and how this knowledge is being used to make us healthier as a society.

Mr. Abdulla Hassan Al-Mehshadi, CEO of Msheireb Properties said: “Msheireb Properties is committed to supporting our community’s development and contributing towards the goals of QNV 2030. Through this exhibit, we support innovations in education and showcase Qatar’s leading position in scientific research to benefit humanity. We would like to extend our great thanks to all those involved in creating this fascinating exhibition, particularly Her Highness for her continuous support and wise vision.”

Mr. Hafiz Ali, Msheireb Museums Director said: “‘A Journey to the Heart of Life’ is the latest addition in our internationally acclaimed exhibits at Msheireb Museums. It completes the four-heritage house permanent collections, designed to tell the history of our land and people, and the journey to modern-day Qatar. In this scientific and historical exhibit, visitors will enjoy the unique, dynamic and interactive exhibition experiences visitors have come to love at our exhibits. This opening is intended to help our nation understand the origins of our people and how the mapping of human development can help its citizens today, and in the future.”

Dr. Asma Al Thani, Chair of the National Genome Committee, Vice Chairperson of the Qatar Biobank for Medical Research Board of Trustees and Dean of the college of Health Science at Qatar University said: “This exhibition was created to showcase the cultural and social diversity of Qatar and how this affects genetic traits. Genetic diversity is a gateway for science to understand societal differences, and as such Qatar Biobank and Qatar Genome Programme is focused on research to develop personalised medicine. This will ultimately help create healthier lifestyles in the future to decrease serious diseases and potential hereditary medical issues. This exhibition launch is part of a common vision shared with Msheireb Properties to create a better future for our country.”

Dr. Lotfi Chouchane, professor of genetic medicine, microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College, said: “’A Journey to the Heart of Life’ is original and unique, not just for Qatar but around the world as it combines seamlessly both culture and science. The science presented in the exhibition is complemented by historical and cultural factors that define human migration to Qatar. It also highlights local excellence in medical research, the importance of healthcare based on human diversity, and how this can be used to implement precision medicine locally.”
Dr. Rashid Al Ali, Deputy Chief Research Officer and Division Chief – Biomedical Informatics at Sidra Medical and Research Center said: “I feel privileged and honoured to be part of this landmark project. It has been captivating to look at the roles of DNA and human migration, and its effect on Qatar’s population. The exhibition is as unique as DNA itself and it gives me great pride Qatar is leading the way with such initiatives. As an exciting, stimulating and challenging undertaking, the true triumph of finalising this exhibition is taking a highly complex subject and presenting it into a language we can all understand.”

Dr. Ena Wang, Research Chief, Division of Translational Medicine at Sidra Medical and Research Center commented: “DNA is the origin of all living creatures. Genomes are the most organized of DNA that are inherited from our parents, so its study is critical to understanding their role in health and pathophysiologic conditions. This exhibition is Her Highness’s vision and is designed to provide knowledge that leads to scientific interest, paving the way for implementing genome guided (precision) medicine in Qatar.”

Major advances in the fields of genetics and genomics have not only corroborated what we can observe from history – the diversity of Qatar’s origins – but have also opened a path to a hopeful future in prevention and cure of many genetic diseases.

‘A Journey to the Heart of Life’ is presented by Msheireb Museums in Bin Jelmood House in the heritage Quarter of Msheireb Downtown Doha. The exhibit opens its doors from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, Friday from 3pm to 9pm, and Saturday from 9am to 9pm. For more information about this exciting new exhibit or Msheireb Museums, please visit: