Fare Cinema (Making Films) – The Italian Movie Industry “Movie set-design speaks Italian – A talk with Italian movie set-designers Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri” In partnership with Msheireb Museums

Doha, Qatar, September 23rd, 2018:

Spotlights were focused on the professions of the cinema world recently as the Italian Embassy to the State of Qatar recently organised the conference “Movie set-design speaks Italian – A talk with Italian movie set-designers Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri”. The event was organized in partnership with Msheireb Museums (MM) and held at the Museum’s prestigious Bin Jelmood House.

The event promoted the ingenuity and creativity of Italian movie set-designers and held to the spirit motivating the first edition in Qatar of “Fare Cinema (“Making Films”) – The Italian Movie Industry”. The programme, launched by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the framework of the first Week of the Italian Cinema in the World, is aimed at promoting “Made in Italy” quality film production abroad. 100 testimonials of the Italian cinema were sent to 100 capital cities around the world – one among them being Doha – to celebrate Italy’s excellent cinematography.

“Italy has a great tradition of quality cinema” said the Italian Ambassador to Qatar, H.E. Pasquale Salzano, “and its contemporary film production is supported by the Italian Institutions as an integral part of the promotion of ‘Brand Italy’ throughout the world”.

“Fare Cinema” in Qatar – continued the Ambassador – has the purpose to let our Qatari friends know more about the Italian film-making industry, enhance the interests of the public and engage qualified industry operators”.

His Excellency concluded, “On the occasion of the first edition of Fare Cinemawe have decided to focus especially on the important role played by movie set-designers in our cinematography. How the choice of beautiful locations and magnificent architectures, the attention to furniture and style, are essential elements that contribute to make the Italian film production unique in the world ”.

To open “Fare Cinema” in Qatar, the Italian Embassy has invited Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri, two Italian movie set and stage designers who have dedicated their professional life to interior design and furniture, applying their expertise to the fields of cinema, theatre, television programmes and art exhibitions. Alida and Giovanni already worked in Qatar in 2011 for “Sea’s secrets”, a television and theater production about the history of Qatar throughout music, dancing and showings.

In the presence of representatives of Qatari cultural institutions, diplomats, distinguished guests and members of the Italian community in Doha, Alida and Giovanni explained, though they showing of their works, how movie set-design is crucial for successful films and how this contributes significantly to distinguish the Italian film-making industry abroad.

Mr. Hafez Ali, Msheireb Museums Director said: “Italy is one of the famous countries recognized for its creative art, design and films. We are pleased today to host this event to promote the Italian film industry and to build bridges between cultures and communities. This cultural destination will always serve as a forum to raise awareness of high-quality experiences from across the world, and to enhance the image of Qatar as the land of civilisations that is open to all cultures and backgrounds”.

After the intervention of the two Italian movie set-designers, Dr. Cherif Amor, Chair and Professor of design at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCU) in Qatar, explained the importance of training young future movie set-designers on the impact of behavioral sciences and lighting on creating set design and told what VCU does in terms of programs, courses and activities for students in Qatar.  Professor Amor also introduced the activities planned in the framework of “Fare Cinema” at VCU. Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri held on September 24th a lecture on the vibrant relation between light and movie set-design to make quality films.

Msheireb Museums Friends graduates new group of tour guides from Qatar Youth Hostel Center

Doha, Qatar, 18 September 2018:

Msheireb Museums, the cultural destination at Msheireb Downtown Doha, has celebrated the graduation of a new group of tour museum guides and volunteers from a one-week workshop as part of its Msheireb Museums Friends programme.

The graduates, all from Qatar Youth Hostel Center and aged between 20 and 26 years old, had both theoretical and practical training during the week. They completed lessons on how to guide visitors and tourists throughout the museums and other tourist sites and how to professionally inform and describe Qatar’s rich heritage and history.

Mr. Hafez Ali, Director of Msheireb Museums said: “Our ceremony today reiterates the role that Msheireb Museums play in supporting tourism in Qatar through training tour guides and equipping them with the skills and tools they need to be professional tour guides. This programme reflects our commitment in accomplishing the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 that focuses on human development and economy diversification. It is also a part of our mandate to contribute in the social and economic development of Qatar.”

Expressing his pleasure in collaborating with Msheireb Museums, Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed Al Hajri, The Directorof Department of Youth Affairssaid that Msheireb Museums Friends Programme contributes in raising and developing the skills of the participants in the field of arts and cultural heritage, which will in turn enhance the image of Qatari society and national identity. He also reiterated the readiness of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to continue its collaboration with Msheireb Museums to serve the youth of Qatar, support cultural tourism and promote Qatar identity.

The management of the Qatar Youth Hostel Center thanked Msheireb Museums and said: “We’d like to thank Msheireb Museums for this opportunity to train our youth on the basics skills needed to be a successful tour guide. Our main objective is to empower and encourage youth to learn about the culture and civilization of other countries and to enhance their tourism capabilities. During the session, we were amazed by the participants’ enthusiasm and their great desire to learn and listen to new historical and cultural information. Their performance in this new experience was excellent, and we are happy that they gained the expertise in this training.”

Launched last year, ‘Msheireb Museums Friends’ is a mutually-beneficial volunteer programme that empowers teachers and educational leaders to become tour guides in the museums and enhance their skills to lead student tours. The programme will also enable students to enhance their leadership skills while introducing the community to the country’s rich culture.

Established to create cultural ambassadors, Msheireb Museums Friends train a number of teachers and leaders from a wide range of educational organizations, youth associations, and with students, helping to develop their leadership skills and so they can get the most out of the Msheireb Museum’s four historic cultural houses.

Msheireb Museums are a significant milestone for Msheireb Properties in realising the vision of Msheireb Downtown Doha, Qatar’s first sustainable and smart city regeneration project. The museums celebrate the history of four historic heritage houses in the heart of Qatar’s old town; Bin Jelmood House (raising awareness of formerly enslaved people), Company House (history of Qatar’s petroleum industry), Radwani House (providing insights into Qatari family life over generations), and Mohammed Bin Jassim House (a journey through Msheireb district over time).

Located within the oldest part of the capital, they form an important part of Qatar’s national history. These reconstructed buildings and gallery spaces allow the community to engage in the significant aspects of Qatar’s heritage and traditions before the country’s rapid economic development.

In line with its mandate, Msheireb Museums has built strong connections and collaborations with academic institutions, including universities, colleges, research programmes and exhibitions to engage with the museums’ content and offerings. Visitors of the museums have access to the library’s valuable digital resources of Qatar National Library.